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      Saying Thank You...

      ***ATTENTION PLEASE****     May we please draw your attention to an item from our guidelines for Pass Forum Etiquette:   5) When you are finished using a pass the most important thing to do is thank the cracker who supplied it. As I have stated above, it takes a great deal of time for them to get the passes you use. Be creative in your replies. Please do not reply with a simple "thank you, thanks, thx, etc.". These are very simple replies and don't show the cracker how much you appreciate their efforts. Try to be creative with your replies, let them know why you liked the site, if you've been there before, if you were happy with the content, what specific models you liked in the site, or just thank them for all of their time.   It has been noted that the number of views compared to number of thanks in the passthreads has been very low lately. Please note that we can see who has opened these threads! If you open a passthread, please take the time to respond to the cracker for all the hard work they have put in.       ===================================================
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      Password for Passwords

      Hello BGP Members,   I'm pleased to announce that we are once again listed/advertised with a voting topsite! These types of sites allow us to promote and encourage new members to join BGP, which in turn helps keep our community thriving and active.   In order to maintain our position on the topsite, and to push BGP higher in the rankings, we need our members to visit and vote for BGP. More visits/votes, means we stay high on the topsite list, and we attract more friends.   From this point forward, in order to access the password sections on BGP, you will be required to:   1. Visit the topsite link found HERE in The Voting Category on the index page.   2. Click on the link to passlist.net   3. Click "Enter and vote" on the passlist site   4. Scroll through the topsite listings and find BGP. In the description of the forum, you will find our daily password.   5. Copy the password, and return to BGP, where you can enter the password when prompted, on our password forums.   In order to keep us high on the list, please feel free to click through and vote even if you do not need the password. Every click helps!!   There is also an option beside our listing on passlist which is called "stats". If you click here and scroll down, there is an option to give a star rating and review of the BGP. We currently have 5 stars, so let's keep the positive reviews adding up!!
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      Donations currently disabled   07/14/2017

      Please be advised that the forum owner is currently not taking donations at this time.  We thank all of you who have donated in the past, and who are still eager to do so.  Unfortunately, until further notice, we will not be accepting donations.


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